5 Ways to Manage and Control Your Psychological Health During Corona Pandemic

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March 10, 2021

The world had never seen anything like this before, and what COVID-19 did to all of us was something no one had anticipated before. As an individual, a pandemic like this can take an emotional toll on anyone.

COVID-19 – How Telling and Distressing it Can be For You Psychologically & Emotionally

In the midst of such a pandemic, it is easy to feel worried and overwhelmed. Reading news about it, worrying about if it can infect you if it can cause some trouble for you and your family and distressing over if it would affect your professional life is something that can give birth to anxiety and stress.

Fear is something that comes first when you are reeling under this pandemic. While it is important that you stay focused on how to slow the virus infection risk, managing your mental health is also important as several concerns and getting anxious being locked down and isolated can take a toll on you. You may feel powerless, irritated, impatient, frustrated, and may have a sense of scarcity.

So, how you are going to manage your mental health? Here are few tips that would really help you in these times of uncertainty:

Read News But Don’t Get Overwhelmed

It is easy for anyone in today’s times to get distracted and influenced by what media is showing and telling us. Whatever related to COVID-19, update in cases, vaccination process, and more; there is so much that will come to you through the digital as well as print sources. However, ensure that you are taking on the news pill only from reliable sources and non-sensationalist sources. Assess how much information you should read and watch to keep yourself up-to-date. Being stick to it throughout the day is a complete no-no; it should be for a limited time only.

Isolation is the Norm – You Should Prepare for It

Staying away from regular workplace life, being away from your friends and family is something that everyone is facing. You may find restricted in your home, and only venturing out during times of need and emergency. Your social life will be negligible. This is something you have to prepare yourself mentally. Just like you have a routine for normal days, make sure you follow a certain routine during this time too, which will keep you engaged and occupied.

Physical Isolation is There – But You Should Keep in Touch with Your Near and Dear Ones

Talking to our loved ones, our family and friends is a real emotional and psychological booster. Even if we are not able to meet them in person in present times, the digital power at our disposal means that we can talk to them whenever we want in life, see them, and keep up-to-date with everything.

Take Proper Care of Your Body

Not only you need to boost your immunity to fight off any infection risk, but you also need to keep yourself physically active and in the right shape to support your emotional well-being. Eat well-balanced meals, move your body (even if it means creating a workout space in your home), meditate, stretch, get sound sleep, and limit your intake of alcohol, avoid smoking and drugs – all factors that will boost your psychological health as well.

Focus Only on What You Can Control

Being stay-put in your home, avoiding physical contact and by taking other precautions you are going to do what you need to from your side. Take reasonable steps, avoid unnecessary risks and not think too much about what is beyond your control.

Talk to a therapist if you see your emotional health being affected if you find yourself getting anxious and worrying too much over things. A deep consultation with an expert or even if needed then going through treatment like TMS should be considered to cope up with your psychological issues. Do not take this aspect lightly at all.

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