3 Effective Treatment Options to Treat Smoking Addiction

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February 24, 2021
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Smoking is an effective reason for a wide range of life-threatening diseases and death throughout the world. It also continues to be a serious health concern. Addiction to smoking, similar to addiction to drugs and alcohol, is also characterized by deep craving, compulsive use, and an incapability to stop even though negative cost. 

Smoking impacts the areas of the brain involved in decision-making and behavioral control. It is ideal to take TMS for smoking cessation to reduce a wide range of health problems. Apart from a health problem, an addicted person can also suffer from withdrawal symptoms. Below, I’m going to some essential things about smoking cessation treatment.

  • Possible Cause for Smoking Cessation

Many reasons increase the likelihood of nicotine addiction including the younger age at which an individual begins smoking, genetic inheritance, the person who grows up with parents who smoke, and many others. While there are many studies that have demonstrated the association between smoking and mental illness, including depression and PTSD.

Treatment Options for Smoking Addiction

There is a wide range of treatments that have been developed for treating smoking addiction. And there are many of which that have been found to be effective in combination, including:

TMS for smoking cessation

1. TMS Therapy

TMS is a non-invasive and safe therapy that is cleared for short-term smoking cessation. It uses electromagnetic pulses for invigorating neurons in the two-pronged insula and prefrontal cortex, diminishing tobacco cravings and increasing cognitive control. It has been shown to be well-tolerated, causing no systemic side effects, and can simply be integrated into the patient’s daily routine.

2. Nicotine Replacement Therapy

There are varieties of over-the-counter nicotine replacement therapies available, including gums, patches, lozenges, and sprays that provide a small amount of nicotine. It helps the quitting smoker cut down on cravings and ease the symptom of withdrawal. This treatment has been more effective when paired with counseling programs. There are some side effects of this treatment including skin irritation, dizziness, headache, rarely nicotine overdose, and a racing heartbeat.

3. Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is also one of the best treatments for smoking cessation. It helps smokers in developing the skills, behavioral and mental patterns that they need to cease addiction to tobacco. There are several forms of psychotherapies, like cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and many others, that are effective for smoking addiction. CBT helps to identify triggers and teach coping strategies, while motivational interviewing helps them understanding their reluctance for quitting smoking. It also helps to improve motivation to live a healthy lifestyle.

These are some effective treatment options in your battle against smoking addiction. You can find one of the best mental clinics for taking TMS for smoking cessation to get a healthy life.

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